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Responsive Web Design
Raw Data to BI Solution
Enterprise Resource Planning
Cloud Computing and Big Data
Booking Solution

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Old markup/desktop oriented website → Responsive Web Design

Company N had a nice-looking website but it was not mobile friendly. They lost a lot of users who used their mobile devices buying something on internet. We made RWD (website that looks great on any device). What did they get?

What did they get?
  • Site performance improvement
  • No finger zoom
  • No missed info/data
  • User friendly interface
  • Almost mobile-app experience
  • Sales growth

Raw data → BI solution

Company Z has to analyze big amount of various data. They did it manually and spent a lot of time doing it. We developed a custom BI solution for them.

What did they get?
  • Viewing data from different sources on-the-fly
  • Faster decision-making
  • Nice looking charts
  • High level overview with drilldown
  • Analysis acceleration for their business
  • Automation of the routine tasks

Paper manuals → E-Learning system

Famous cosmetical brand releases several product lines a year. Vendor needs to spread the instructions to use it properly and effectively on target markets. We developed E-Learning system that allows self-education of barber shop professionals using only tablet, smartphone or any computer with Internet connection. Multimedia content in 12 languages comprise nice-looking lessons instead of printed instructions. Also online testing was implemented to check user's level of understanding.

What do they have now?
  • Fast delivery of new product usage methods to end-users worldwide
  • Detailed instructions in modern easy-to-understand formats
  • Interactive involvement via online knowledge check
  • Possibility to print out passed lesson certificate
  • Lessons editor for domain teachers
  • Audience management
  • Online broadcasts
  • Private seminars

Excel Sheets → ERP

Company X came to us because they’ve been using for many years Excel and GoogleDrive to organize their working process. But after some time they realized that it took too much time to find any information and to explain their business to new employees. We integrated an ERP-system that fits their business needs.

What did they get?
  • Less error-prone process
  • Multiuser and easy-to-use system
  • Complex search
  • Formal automation
  • Unlimited datastore
  • Backups & storage security
  • Mobile friendly interface
  • Shorter learning curve for new employees

Time-consuming visitor care process → Booking Solution

Company Y organizes events. They had to make hundreds of calls to find vacant hotels, boardrooms, restaurants etc. They understood that it would be much easier if their partners had online booking system. It would save much time for both sides. We developed a booking platform for them.

What did they get?
  • Fewer boring communications
  • Reduced order processing time
  • Standard data is sent by computer while human takes care of special needs
  • Secure & stable process
  • Concurrent orders resolved
  • Advanced search for their customers
  • Order patterns defined per customer
  • Generated suggestions



Solid and productive foundation of modern web products. The power behind YouTube, Dropbox, Google search and many other market highlights.


Django is beyond compare Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic development. Architecture chosen by Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify etc etc.

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Marching strongly to user interface quality for both desktop and mobile. We use state-of-the-art versions of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.


ReactJS makes it painless to create interactive UIs. This library developed and used by Facebook efficiently updates and renders just the right components when data changes. Trusted by Expedia, HipChat, WhatsApp, PayPal, Uber, Tesla, Yahoo.

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Our main goal is to get our Clients’ business easy and profitable.


Continuous Integration. Code versioning. Issue tracking. Agile development process.


We like what we do and we like working together. While knowing our business we still try keeping up with the new technologies.


We’ve been working together for more than 4 years. You don’t need to waste your time and money to establish communication between the team members.

The team

Pavel Motsar CEO, co-founder “Learn. Do. Teach.”
15+ years of experience in IT business, last 10 years managing software development projects. Passionate to build highly integrated customer-oriented teams. Co-author and teacher in the first Kharkov Project Management School and other IT communities.
Ihor Harahatyi CTO, co-founder
Worked on various projects from websites to private cloud systems. Good knowledge in algorithmization, networking, multithreading and virtualization. Participated in programming contests in the past and won lots of them.
Kirill Gavrilyuk Software Engineer “I like it, and I want to do the best!”
10 years on a journey from electronic design and embedded software to sophisticated JavaScript frontend. Always looks around and tries different languages and technologies.
Olena Maksymovych Project Manager “We will either find a way, or make one” (Hannibal)
The Project Manager with the business analyses background who loves her job, her team and cares about customers and their needs.
Natalia Jurbenko Markup Engineer “Right people making right things will encounter right events.”
High-end HTML5+CSS3 Markup Engineer using all the modern trends, still keeping in mind the backward compatibility for corporate users. Kitties and stormtroopers can run across your webpage with JavaScript.
Iryna Kuryayeva UI/UX Designer “Design is thinking made visual.” (Saul Bass)
The UI/UX Designer with a perfect style feeling and a deep business analysis knowledge. She creates not just beautiful but also purpose-effective solutions.